At Trunk, our mission is to help teams create high-quality software quickly. Merge conflicts, poor code quality or consistency, flaky tests, and dozens of other distractions quickly drain the productivity and morale of those teams. Engineering teams that can stay focused on designing, implementing, and delivering software will build magical, high-quality projects - and they will be happier doing it. We're building the tools that empower teams to land code faster and develop happier.
Our founders started this journey in 2021 and have designed, delivered, and scaled software at some of the largest and fastest-growing tech companies in the world - Uber, Google, YouTube, and Microsoft. We are a San Francisco-based company of 14, looking to hire great people from around the world to grow our team.
We raised a $25M Series A led by Initialized Capital (Garry Tan) and a16z, with investments from Haystack Ventures, Garage VC, Tom Preston Warner (Founder/CEO of GitHub), Geoff Schmidt (Founder/CEO Apollo GraphQL), Nicolas Dessaigne (Founder/CEO Algolia), and Oleg Rognysky (Founder/CEO