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Paralympic Games 2012 – watch live at Channel 4
Short news for all of you around the world that would lot to watch this years Paralympic Games in London. In many countries TV stations paid a lot of cash to show Olympic Games, where unprofessional sport – celebrities compete to get even more money and fame. Now, when you want to see the real sport, real fight, real sweat, tears and commitment it is next to impossible. Now, thanks to best chrome vpn extension free and Channel4 worry no more!If you are not a member of HideIPVPN community choose any of our Premium VPN packages with UK servers. Once your device has its VPN connections set-up and ready (if you use PC, don’t waste time – use our software designed to make it even easier) you are set to go. We have tested this service with PC computers and Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Google Chrome browsers. On all of them “Watch Live” option was working fine. Before you start however there is one thing you need to do – you have to change time zone in your PC from your “local” one to UTC London. This looks like additional feature web server uses to recognize if you are allowed to watch their program. If you would run into problems, delete all cookies in your browser and try again. In our tests Google Chrome showed to be the most problematic browser in this regard but at the end it was working as well.

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March Madness 2012 is ON!
First, we would like to thank one of our users for the tip (Thanks Ginger!). Now, let us remind you that with access to our US servers you have a possibility of accessing streams of all NCAA games. But it is a bit more difficult that it was last year.

If you are a big fan of basketball and NBA than there is no point in telling you what March Madness is. If you do not follow NBA that closely, than you probably will not be interested anyway. On the subject though.

All games this year will be available to watch through the internet on iOS, Android and PC computers. All you need is US IP (that you have with our Premium VPN packages) and paid access of $3.99 (details here: ncaa). As far as we know you should have no problems with paying those $3.99 as long as you are using credit or debit card, but if we will get any updates from our customers who are already pass this process we will let you know.

The news about March Madness is a great opportunity to ask you for help. If you will see in the internet anything, that users of our VPN services can access, that is worth sharing, please do so.

Our Facebook wall is all yours. If you got any questions, suggestions or things you find worth sharing we will be more than happy to have your posts there.