Windows By Web

A web portal that uses a series of questions and a proprietary configurator (web-based based application) to guide consumers through an otherwise complicated window and door selection and shopping process in order to narrow down their search to meet their budgetary as well as product preferences and requirements.

A very visual, quick, and straightforward process will walk a user through a step-by-step tree logic to identify specific preferences, needs, and priorities.

The first step in the process is to identify the priorities of a specific consumer such as:

· Energy Efficiency

· Price

· Aesthetics

· Delivery Time

Based on the first step, an algorithm will narrow down choices, and present the user with additional selection criteria such as:

· Frame Material

· Type of Glass

· Color

· Grills

At the end and upon providing personal information, a user will be given an estimated budget, and should they find it acceptable, they will be given several options to select such as whether they would want pre-screened window and door suppliers to contact them, method of communication, how many quotes they would want to receive, or if they only want complete e-commerce shopping experience.

At the backend of the process, an algorithm will match consumer preferences only with those providers that could meet the requirements, thus ensuring a less stressful shopping experience for the customer and a qualified lead for a supplier.

The service will be available free of charge to the consumer and on a fee per lead basis to a provider.