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Cheap vs Expensive Cordless Vacuums Comparison

Once you go with cordless vacuums, it is hard to go back to corded vacuums since you are used to the conveniences of cordless features. But do you really need to spend hundreds on a cordless vacuum or is an $80 cordless vacuum good enough? So let’s figure out which one is worth it based on the  Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners reviews online.

1. GeeMo - $79,99 (Amazon)

This GeeMo vacuum cleaner has a 4 out of 5 star rating and approximately 1500 reviews on Amazon. The very first impression when unpacked and built up, the vacuum feels sturdy and heavy, which gives you a nice hold on its handle. This cordless vacuum cleaner guarantees a 35-minute running time with the 7V battery. With its 21 KPA Powerful Suction feature, the 200W high-speed motor provides powerful suction to pick up everything in its path, giving you a perfect cleaning experience. However, cleaning the dustbin is quite a challenging process where you have to remove every part of it, require gloves if you do not want to touch the filter with your bare hand, and then put it back together. 

2. MooSoo - $155 (Amazon)

For this model from MooSoo, it has quite impressive ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars and more than 5000 reviews available. The MooSoo came with a few attachments, while the GeeMo did not provide any. However, the MooSoo vacuum has a shorter battery life, which is only about 30 minutes. The vacuum is equipped with an advanced 200W high-powered brushless motor, and when compared to others, the MooSoo has an 800-hour life expectancy. It has two cleaning modes, which are regular and ultra-when you press the button twice, it will give you stronger suction power. The MooSoo also has a 23 KPA Suction, claimed to provide a super strong suction for special needs in your household. 

3. Dyson V11 Animal - $600 (Amazon)

The biggest difference when comparing this model with the two previous is that the design seems to be bigger than the GeeMo and MooSoo, and also a lot heavier. Dyson claims that the V11 model can run for up to 60 minutes of cleaning time if you use the Eco cleaning mode. The Dyson V11 has a lot of power when vacuuming and you can feel it as you hold it. So far, the online best vacuum cleaner  reviews refer to the Dyson V11 as the best vacuum on the market for cordless models. The best improvement from Dyson in the V11 model is its ‘auto’ setting, in which the machine self-adjusts the suction level for different types of surfaces it interacts with. For instance, if you are using the V11 on carpet surfaces, it will turn up the powerful suction for a deeper clean and it will automatically dial back to normal mode when you roll it on hard-flooring.


In conclusion, personally, we chose MooSoo as a winner because of its reasonable price and its efficiency. It has good suction power and the battery life is long enough for one-go cleaning of your house. It has a nice feeling when holding it and is also very compact and lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to clean. So, in short, you don’t have to spend much on a good vacuum brand in  top 10 vacuum cleaners like Dyson. Experience and finding the best fit for you is the key.