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Looking for Cash Loans Near You in Auckland or across New Zealand? Small, Easy to apply, Fast approval, Save My Bacon offers Quick Cash Loans in NZ. Jump online today!
At Save My Bacon, we've reinvented credit to make it more honest and friendly… no hidden fees and unclear terms.

Why choose us

We get you. At Save My Bacon we have a unique credit-scoring model that goes beyond traditional credit reporting. Traditional credit scores are often based on historical data that is no longer relevant to your present situation.

We're innovative and digital

We want to know about your financial position as it is now. We assess your complete, individual, current financial profile. Our technology and know-how take into account alternative data such as your spending patterns, your bank account usage and other key details about you.

Our exceptional service and technology allow us to supply competitively priced credit in a responsible way for customers to borrow safely and easily.

This is why we are better placed to understand you as an individual and your unique financial circumstances.

Our products are designed for financially responsible New Zealanders

We take our responsibilities as a lender seriously and only loan money to people who are in a position to make repayments without undue financial hardship.

Short processing time and quick credit decisions

We understand that you want a quick decision and our unique credit-scoring model and innovative technology allow us to quickly assess your loan application.

Relationships built on trust are relationships built to last

We look forward to building a relationship with you based on trust. We are looking at ways to expand our range of financial products and growing the service we can provide.

Transparent and clear

At Save My Bacon there are no hidden fees or unclear terms. We ensure that you understand the true cost of the loan.

For More Information:

Visit: https://www.savemybacon.co.nz/

Phone: 0800 27 28 36

Email: loans@savemybacon.co.nz