VTEX is a global technology company focused on e-commerce products that have a daily impact on the work of thousands of people around the world. Through our products and services, we offer a cohesive platform for retailers to run their entire business and provide their customers with the best shopping experience ever.VTEX was founded in 1999 and provides e-commerce software in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and omnichannel solutions. With an innovative technological structure, VTEX is recognized by the Gartner and Forrester institutes as one of the global leaders in e-commerce solutions.More than 2500 renowned companies of varying sizes and segments, with operations in 26 countries and in global expansion, have at VTEX the solution for the online sale of their products, including: Whirlpool, Electrolux, C&A, Cencosud, Boticário, Avon, Disney, Sony, Staples, Nokia, TIM, Havan, Muffato, Telha Norte, Polishop, Fravega, Totto, Personal and Lego.