What are the key features of candle box packaging?

Are you a candle retailer thinking about changing or launching a new candle brand? Then you must be unsure how to present your candle products to the customers. You might not know the importance of candle box packaging and its role in selling your items. 

Candle products are gaining high importance in the industry, so manufacturers produce them in large quantities. Candles are used everywhere in households, spas, restaurants, and therapy centers. They change the overall atmosphere of the place and create lit and relaxing environment. Candles are luxury item used by specific people. People use them to get rid of depression and stress. Candles are a perfect part of a romantic dinner. But to sell your products, you need custom candle boxes

Customized candle boxes

The packaging makes the boxes look appealing and adds to the product's value. Custom candle boxes are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The variation in packaging has led to making candles in various forms. The packaging is made with biodegradable materials so that the candle melts within it. Custom boxes increase the beauty of candles.

Top quality materials

The best thing about premium packaging companies is that they provide top-quality materials. Retail packaging boxes are made up of stuff like cardstock, Kraft, or corrugated material. Each has unique characteristic features and can add differently to your products. While selecting the material, you must be conscious that:

  • The material should protect your candle products.

  • It should be safe for shipment and not deteriorate the quality of candles. 

  • The materials should support printing and die cutting, and the edges should not get rough.

  • The box should have space for inserts and cards to make the product special.

  • The size of the parcels matters a lot, and the material should be available in multiple dimensions.

Boost your brand

Perfect packaging can boost your brand and can improve effective working. It means that you can target a large audience and influence them with your products. The effort in custom printed candle boxes can influence your customers and give you the desired feedback. Packaging experts create designer boxes different from those available in the market. They print your brand logos and other information on the packages to leave a lasting impression on the buyers. It helps to develop your brand identity and boost your sales.

Top-notch printing services

The quality of printing ensures the quality of your packaging and has a direct impact on your products. Custom printed candle boxes are in high demand because of their uniqueness. The experts commonly use methods like digital offset and flexographic printing. However, you can also choose the color patterns for the background theme and logo printing. Using PMS, you can use the conventional CMYK model or ask for a different color combination. 

The latest printing equipment can make candle boxes with logo and other product descriptions in multiple font sizes, styles, and colors. Therefore, whatever the size you choose for your candle box packaging, the experts print all the necessary information.

Sturdy candle box packaging

Candles come in different colors and scents. Aromatic candles are highly in trend these days. But how can you ensure that your clients enjoy the perfect odor of the candles? Custom candle boxes are sturdy and protect your candle products from environmental, UV, and moisture harm. 

Boxes for different candles

Pillar candles require cylindrical boxes for packaging. These luxurious candles are used to create a romantic or ambient atmosphere. People use votive candles to create a relaxing environment, particularly during therapies, spa treatments, or baths. These candles are occasionally lit while sitting in their packaging. You could also use a sliding or a display box. A window in the display box allows you to show off your candle products. The plastic or glass panel shields the candles from the elements.

The maximum thickness of rigid candle boxes is 32pt. A rigid container is ideal for your candle products if you have a large company with international clients. These boxes ensure that the candles arrive safely to your customers.


With many packaging companies available, you have the choice to buy custom candle packaging of your or select from a readymade template. The designers can make the boxes to your requirement. Moreover, the customer support service is open 24/7, so you will not have any problems with the packaging. They also have a range of online templates to save you time and give you an idea of their packaging. Furthermore, candle boxes with logos are highly economical and beneficial to enhance the aura of your business.