Bulk Organic Shiitake Extract Description Organic green tea extract is an active ingredient extracted from green tea leaves, mainly including tea polyphenols (catechins), caffeine, aromatic oil, water, minerals, pigments, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and so on. Tea polyphenols have antioxidant, free radical scavenging, and other effects, significantly reduce serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol content in hyperlipidemia, and have the function of restoring and protecting vascular endothelial. The effect of tea polyphenols on lowering blood lipid is also one of the main reasons that tea can make obese people lose weight and not rebound. Green Tea Polyphenols (GTP) are the main component of Green Tea and account for about 30% of dry matter. GTP is extracted from Tea leaves and their byproducts (ground Tea, Tea chips, rough Tea, or trimmed leaves). The original structure of GTP was retained because only food-grade ethyl acetate was used for extraction, and the product was light yellow powder. The main components of GTP are catechin, accounting for 60%~80% of the total GTP, including 4%~6% epicatechin (L-EC), and 6%~8% epigallocatechin (D.L-EC), 10%~15% epigallocatechin (L-EGC), 50%~60% epigallocatechin gallate (L-ECG). And 8% to 10% caffeine. Specification Product nameOrganic Green Tea Extract Powder Country of Origin China Origin of plantCamellia Sinensis PHYSICAL / CHEMICAL Active IngredientPolyphenols>40% IdentityTLC AppearanceClean, fine powder ColorYellow Brown Taste & OdorCharacteristic taste with original flavor Size100% pass 80 mesh Moisture,g/100g<5% Ash (dry basis),g/100g<5% Extract SolventWater CarrierLess than 10% organic rice maltodextrin Bulk Density50-65grams/100ml Total Heavy Metals<20PPM Lead,mg/kg<5PPM Cadmium,mg/kg <1PPM Arsenic,mg/kg <3PPM Mercury,mg/kg <1PPM Pesticides ResidueComplies with NOP & EU organic standard MICROBIOLOGICAL Total plate count,cfu/g< 10,000 Yeast & Mould,cfu/g < 1000 Coliforms,cfu/g<20 Salmonella,/25gNegative E.coli,cfu/gNegative S.AUREAUSNegative StorageCool, Dry, Darkness, & Ventilative Package25kgs/ drum Shelf life2 years Function 1. Hypolipidemic effect Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce the contents of serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in hyperlipidemia, and can also restore and protect vascular endothelial function. The effect of tea polyphenols on lowering blood lipid is also one of the main reasons that tea can make obese people lose weight and not rebound. 2. Antioxygenation Tea polyphenols can block the lipid peroxidation process, and improve the activity of human enzymes, so as to play an anti-mutation, anti-cancer effect. 3. Tumor inhibition Tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis of DNA of tumor cells and induce the fracture of mutant DNA, thus inhibiting the synthesis rate of tumor cells and further inhibiting the growth and proliferation of tumors. 4. Sterilization and detoxification Tea polyphenols can kill botulinum toxin and spores, and inhibit bacterial exotoxin activity. Cause diarrhea, respiratory tract, and skin infections of all kinds of pathogens have an antibacterial effect. Tea polyphenols cause suppurative infection, burn, and trauma of staphylococcus aureus, bacteria have obvious inhibition. 5. Cure alcohol and protect the liver Alcoholic liver injury is mainly free radical damage caused by ethanol. Tea polyphenols, as free radical scavengers, can inhibit alcoholic liver injury. 6. Detoxification role Severe environmental pollution has an obvious toxic effect on human health. Tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption effect on heavy metals and can form complexes with heavy metals to precipitate, which is beneficial to reducing the toxic effect of heavy metals on the human body. In addition, tea polyphenols can improve liver function and diuretic effect, so it has a good anti-alkaloid poisoning effect. 7. Improve immunity Tea polyphenols can stimulate the change of antibody activity by increasing the total amount of immunoglobulin in the human body and maintaining it at a high level, thus improving the overall immune capacity of the human body and promoting the body's self-conditioning function. Application 1. Used in food 2. For a drug 3. Excellent additive for cosmetics and household chemicals Certificates Package & Shipment 25kg/drum 1-200kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China) Over 200kg by sea or air Our Company and Factory Yuantai Organic is a leading professional company devoted to natural organic food products since 2014. We concentrate on organic plant-based protein, organic herbal extract powder, organic dehydrated vegetable ingredients, organic fruit ingredients, organic flowers tea or TBC, and organic herbs & spices. We export good quality products to countries all over the world. Especially America, Australia and EU countries. 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