In March 2014, a dispute was settled between Vasily Anisimov, a Russian aluminum businessman, and the late Badri Patarkatsisvili’s family. According to the allegation, the family was entitled to 20% of Mr. Anisimov’s mining company. They claimed that two businessmen agreed on Mr. Anisimov investing in Mikhailovsky, a mining company Melalloivest’s forerunner. Before it went viral, the deal actually reached over $1.8bn.

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1. Mineworker pensioners take on RBS

WRBS is known to be in the firing line in one of the most significant post-recession pieces of litigation. For the RBS April 2008 rights issue, the bank is accused of issuing “misstatements and omissions” in the prospectus and also for portraying themselves to be in a good financial position. The claimants include local authorities, scheme trustees, and investment funds. The bank is sued for an estimation of over £3bn.

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2. America broadcasting companies vs. Aereo

Startup Aereo proposed a unique business opportunity by broadcasting network television programming online free of cost.   USA Supreme Court and a group of broadcasters sued the business saying the service violated copyright laws. Such a decision made Aereo go out of business. If you choose to write on this topic and need help, you may consult a good Tableau assignment writing services service.