The clear cut answer for the question ”are video editors and graphic designers same” is No.

Video editors and graphic designers work in different fields. These are two professions where some of the skills are similar.

Let’s take a look at their work, skills and career one by one.

Video Editors

Video editor is a job profile that includes the various tasks related to the editing and finalization of the video clips. Most of users think and declare that video editing is easier. However it is not a piece of cake in reality.

  • Editors usually assign with the rough data with raw footages which they work on to create an appealing video projects from scratch.
  • The toughest challenge is to learn and understand about the color grading, saturation, exposure, white balance and principles to handle the tasks of the editing very well.
  • They also have to manage the audio, background music and special effects.

Video Editor skills Set

A video editor requires the following skills:

1. Adobe Photoshop for handing the photo related to tasks

2. Adobe After Effects for managing the motion graphics and compositing

3. Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple FCPX for editing the raw video clips

4. Audition to work on audio quality

5. Media encoder to take out the quality renders

6. Basics of video industry should be cleared

How to become a video editor?

In order to be a video editor, it is important to get all of the skills mentioned above. It’s actually a tough job to learn them all without any experts’ guidance. Thus you should consider joining video editing courses from a reputed training institute.

Graphic designers

Job profile of graphic designer is a very creative profession. He has to work on various layouts like packaging design for product, making advertisement, brand logo, sometime websites GUI also.

Graphic designer have to work on a different software to create the designs. Not only this they need to get involved in the research, planning, and wire-framing tasks also.

As a graphic designer, they need to have a good amount of knowledge about the visual grammar, commercial arts and design principles.

Graphic Design skills set

To be a skilled designer, you must have the following skills:

1. Visual grammar knowledge

2. Commerical arts principles

3. Color schemes and typography knowledge

4. Design software applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

How to be a graphic designer?

To get the required skills, you must join graphic designing institute in Rohini so that you can get all of the mentioned skills.

Few similarities in graphic designers and video editing experts

If we look closely on the similarities then we find that for both designer and editor; basics of design should be cleared and they both need to work on applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.