At Segment, we believe companies should be able to send their data wherever they want, whenever they want, with no fuss. Unfortunately, most product managers, analysts, and marketers spend too much time searching for the data they need, while engineers are stuck integrating the tools they want to use. Segment standardizes and streamlines data infrastructure with a single platform that collects, unifies, and sends data to hundreds of business tools with the flip of a switch. This empowers our customers to focus on building amazing products and creating personalized experiences for their customers, while we take care of the complexities of processing their customer data reliably at scale. With an incredibly sticky product and minimal direct competition, we’re on track to be the driving force behind powering the entire customer data ecosystem.

Improving our customer experiences is Segment’s top priority for the company this year. When customers deploy Segment successfully they see dramatic business results, but the current process requires deep understanding of their tech stack and marketing processes. Like all great tools, Segment is simple to understand at a basic level, but mastery of all of our capabilities requires time.