With its establishment in 2007, Andersen has emerged as a leading European software development company, igniting the path to digital transformation. Setting foot across the USA and Western Europe, the company has proudly unveiled more than 13 state-of-the-art development centers. For over 15 years, Andersen has been a trusted partner, empowering enterprises worldwide to revolutionize their businesses through cutting-edge digital solutions.

Andersen's remarkable journey encompasses over 1000 successfully delivered projects, earning the accolades of countless satisfied clients. Presently, the company is actively engaged in over 250 global initiatives, collaborating with esteemed names like Samsung, Marvel, MediaMarkt, Revolut, Verivox, NDA, Mercedes Benz, BNP Paribas, G Bank, Ryanair, Jonson&Jonson, and others. A staggering 90% of our recurring customers acknowledge the swiftness of our delivery, unwavering support, and competitive pricing as the pillars of Andersen's success.

Beyond technological achievements, Andersen embraces a profound sense of social responsibility. As the proud founder of a Charity Foundation, we champion a shared vision of a healthier future and promote peace in Ukraine. With a team of 3700+ highly skilled experts at our disposal, we stand ready to transform your visionary ideas into tangible reality.

As we step into the transformative year of 2023, Andersen invites all industries to join us in embracing the digital revolution. Let us illuminate your path forward and keep the momentum of progress alive. Together, we can Light Up and Keep It Going.