Layer is building a machine learning operating system to empower data science teams to implement end-to-end machine learning effortlessly; from feature engineering, version control to model deployment. Layer helps teams to build, train and deploy ML into production at scale. Most importantly, Layer sits on top of your existing data and tech stack and works in your dev environment for you with zero friction.

Layer was founded in April 2020 with a mission to unlock the power of knowledge and create massive impact across all industries. We ambitiously aim to build the leading data technology company globally.

The team is led by a serial entrepreneur, Mehmet Ecevit, who most recently built and exited Gram Games, for $500M, with a world class team of 17 FTEs who have previously worked at data intensive problems at companies like Palantir, Coinbase, Improbable, Datarobot, Revolut, Hazelcast, Oaknorth, Google and more. We plan to expand the team to reach 25 FTEs in the next 6 months.

Layer raised a $5M seed round in November 2020 and will look to sign the first paying customer by Mar '21 and look for a sizeable Series A raise in the next 12 months.