MeiliSearch’s mission is to create a best-in-class user-facing search experience for every website and application. We are building a blazingly fast and ultra-relevant search engine made in Rust that allows our partners to have a powerful search engine without initial configuration. Features such as typo-tolerance, filters, and synonyms are provided right out of the box.

We are fully open source: We strongly believe that the best way to realize our vision is through transparent collaboration and exchange with the open source community. We have a vibrant connection with our community of early adopters and builders. We are in contact every day and eagerly incorporate feedback from our contributors.

We raised a €1.5m pre-seed round in May 2020, and are backed by 3 of the best investors in Europe: LocalGlobe, Seedcamp, & Kima Ventures. We have already partnered with industry heavyweights like Louis Vuitton and

MeiliSearch Remote (USA)
Mar 23, 2021
In order to support our Developer Relations team in growing our open-source community, we are looking for a Technical Writer, for a full-time permanent position starting April 2021 . About the job The Developer Relations team is composed of 3 people: Fred , our DevRel Director, Carolina , our Junior Developer Advocate, and Tommy, our Technical Writer (and soon-to-be dad). Their mission is to help developers be successful by nurturing a healthy open-source community around MeiliSearch. This means listening to, inspiring, educating, and supporting our community however we can. The motivation for this recruitment comes from the desire to generate more text-based content than we are capable of with a single tech writer. In addition, we need to cover the upcoming 3-month paternity leave of our current Technical Writer. The tasks would be evolutive. During our current tech writer's paternity leave, your role would be focused on maintaining our documentation website and...