Creative BioMart started from a small supplier with the development and production of recombinant protein products. After years of development and growth, we currently have over 100,000 protein products. In addition, we have also expanded a series of related products such as native proteins, cell/tissue lysates, chromatography, lectins, and detection kits.

In response to customers’ needs, Creative BioMart continuously launches popular categories such as cytokines, PROTAC targets, GPCRs, labeled proteins, full length proteins, virus-related proteins, CAR-T cell targets, biomarkers, CD antigens, etc. In addition, we offer therapeutic proteins, diagnostic proteins, and GMP proteins in accordance with the demands of industrial customers.

Furthermore, we provide customers with various related services, covering protein expression & purification, stable cell line construction, interaction detection, protein characterization, screening and profiling, etc. Along with these services, we offer a variety of experimental consulting services that are competitively priced in the market