How to save energy at home

Now that it is necessary to spend a little more time inside your premiere department , perhaps you have noticed that the electricity bills are becoming more and more expensive. That can be quite inconvenient. Maybe you wonder: how to save energy at home ? Do not worry. It is possible to solve it in a very simple way by means of some concrete measures.

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Therefore, in the following article we will show you how to save energy at home in a simple way. Without a doubt, these tips will have a positive impact on your monthly electricity bills.

1.- Make sure to turn off your devices

This doesn't just mean turning off the light switch when you leave the room. Yes, that's important, but you should also make sure that your television, computer, video game consoles, cable TV set-top boxes, and other similar devices are turned off when you're not using them.

As they are turned off, each of those devices consumes a very low amount of energy, but when you have many at home (which is quite common), the cost increases a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you unplug them even if they are already turned off.

Similarly, chargers for phones, tablets and other wireless devices use small amounts of power even when they are not charging. Try to fit all the appliances that need to be recharged into a single multi-socket in order to unplug them all together in one go.

On the other hand, computers can be configured to go into hibernation mode. It is recommended that you program yours so that this is activated after 10 or 15 minutes without use. Also, when selecting a wallpaper, remember that opaque and dark colors make the monitor consume less power.

2.- Do not use more energy than necessary

Generally, we use more energy than we really need and we are not aware of it. For example, many of us don't bother to set the water level in the washing machine correctly. This implies a greater effort on the part of this device and, therefore, a greater consumption of electricity.

Another device that we can configure for greater savings is the refrigerator. It is advisable to keep the temperature of this appliance between 0ºC and 4ºC. It is also important that the doors seal the interior well.

To check that, close the appliance door with a sheet of paper in the middle; If this can be easily removed despite the refrigerator being closed, then it is time to change the rubber gaskets.

Do you have a clothes dryer at home? This is one of the devices that uses the most electricity. Sometimes it can consume more energy than a refrigerator and washing machine combined. As much as possible, dry your clothes naturally. If it is necessary to use that appliance, be sure to clean the filters constantly.

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3.- Get smart lights

On average, a quality LED spotlight costs around 10 soles in most shopping centers; Although that price may seem somewhat expensive, this product can help you save more than 100 soles during its entire duration.

LED bulbs use 85% less energy and deliver the same level of light as incandescent bulbs. In addition, they come in different shapes, colors, and intensities. LED alternatives not only help you save electricity at home , but are compatible with dimmers, which is great for changing your interior lighting at home .

4.- Configure your television

Although HDTVs use about 60% less power than older options, newer internet-compatible models consume excess electricity after turning them off. This is due to the quick start option , which allows them to turn on a few seconds faster.

We recommend deactivating that option on your TV. Since you are in the settings menu, reduce the brightness level of the device in order to consume less energy. Remember that most people use their television at night, so that change will help you save light at home .

If you want to stream movies and use services like Netflix or YouTube, consider buying a TV with internet access or a small add-on gadget like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and the like, both of which use much less power.

Avoid streaming video through video game consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox as they can consume up to 30 times more electricity. If you use one of these platforms regularly, set it to auto-supply reduction mode.

Now you know how to save electricity at home . With imperceptible modifications in your lifestyle, the electricity costs in your apartment will be much lower, which means that you will have money to invest in other purposes.

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