Shark Deluxe NV360 Review

Have you been looking for a suitable well-performing vacuum cleaner which can help you minimize the efforts when it comes to completing house chores? Then you come to the right place. We are introducing you to the Shark NV360 upright vacuum. This upright vacuum cleaner comes with a stylish design of a navy dark blue, which is quite aesthetic and presentable. Besides just the good looking feature, the Shark Navigator NV360 can provide you with multiple features that match some of your specific needs. Let’s see if it is worth the cost!

Variety of Features

HEPA Filtration

The Shark NV360 vacuum has met one of the key requirements for a vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filtration system is a high-efficiency absorbing filter and particulate arrestance that can filter particles and substances in the air and give you a fresh environment after vacuumed. However, most of the vacuums on the market seem to have HEPA filtration but then miss one of the necessary aspects which makes a huge difference to its performance, which is the seal system. A vacuum cleaner without a sealed system is pointless even if it has a HEPA filter. Understanding the importance, the Shark NV360 also comes with an anti-allergen complete seal technology. With the sealed system, it locks up all particles and dust when the vacuum sucks in and only releases filtered air from the HEPA filter.

Portable Canister

What is more fun than a detachable canister from an upright vacuum? For uses in hard to reach areas, the Shark model NV360 provides you with the feature to separate the canister from its remains, then you can comfortably move the components around the house, up and down stairs at its finest. This portable ability gives the product a further advantage.


With this model, there is no need to spend extra money to purchase attachments in order to clean different areas and surfaces in your house. The Shark NV360 is equipped with all essential accessories, giving it the ability to clean harsh areas from tight spots to above-floor surfaces as easy as eating a piece of cake. The attachments included are:

A dusting brush

A crevice tool

A pet brush

An extended wand

Customer’s Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 reviews

The overall rating for the Shark Deluxe NV360 is fairly high at 4.6/5 and 95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend. Some of the customers have experienced other popular brands - Dyson (as an example). ‘I am freaked out’ - said Melissa, one of the customers. The Shark NV360 was working far better than she expected. It picked up a large amount of particles and dust in one bedroom and ended up filling the vacuum’s dust bin half-full. This is proof of its strong suction power. Most of the other customers left feedback which said the model is very easy to use, and works quite as well as efficiently on stubborn areas.

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In conclusion, the Shark navigator NV360 is an excellent choice for people who want a vacuum with multiple features, has strong suction and also be portable. This particular model may not be the best vacuum you can buy, but it is absolutely worth a try with all those features and technologies the manufacturer provided you with. All in all, we consider the product as a very helpful assistant for your household needs.