Tailscale Inc.

Tailscale Inc. Remote
May 22, 2021
We're seeking a talented and motivated individual to write and oversee product documentation at Tailscale. As the first team member in this dedicated role, you will: work closely with our users and our team to define a documentation roadmap; publish engaging content; and empower our customers to get started quickly. Tailscale is a technical product. Good documentation makes it easy for everyone (from hobbyists to seasoned IT professionals) to use. Our documentation must be accessible, straightforward, comprehensive, and trustworthy to a wide audience. You will: Work with our product team to document new features and APIs Organize documentation and make it easily discoverable Achieve and maintain content quality through testing and review, as well as curation and performance analysis Share feedback and collaborate with our product and growth teams to improve feature and documentation discoverability Assess documentation success through metrics and qualitative...