TAAP specialises in the development of applications and application platforms that drive digital transformation using our No Code Low Code technology stack.

Our products and technologies have been in development since 2004 and are used across 56 Industry's, 106 Verticals and for over 220+ different workflows and processes. 

The TAAP technology has been developed and designed to collect data, visualise it, and transform it more easily than has been possible using more traditional IT and developer methodologies.

The TAAP technology allows apps to be created for mobile devices, on iOS, Android and Windows, and as enterprise web applications. Apps can be created and deployed in hours, days and weeks as opposed to weeks, months and days.

We have a strong presence in the Energy sector, deployed to over 88 countries and in 10 plus languages, Automotive, Retail, Food Waste (we power Tesco's services), Charities and many more besides.