SatoshiLabs Remote (Prague, Czechia)
Jun 10, 2021
We're looking for a Technical Writer to write and produce texts for the whole Trezor ecosystem, including Trezor Suite   application , Trezor firmware , , Troubleshooter , and last but not least Trezor  knowledge base . Ultimately, you'll help us reach and educate our target audience by delivering both useful and appealing online information about our features and products. To be successful in this role, you need to be knowledgeable in cryptocurrency concepts and/or have a strong interest in the field.   What will your duties be? you’ll do a lot of technical and UX writing to explain various features you'll edit , proofread , and provide feedback on other content creators' pieces of work before publication you’ll conduct keyword research and use  SEO guidelines to optimize our content you'll become a power user of our products to understand our customers' needs you'll coordinate with UX designers and user researchers...