How to find an apartment that fits in your pocket?


Many people are looking for a cheap apartment option that fits their budget in order to make their own home dream come true . However, this is not an easy search, and many buyers are frustrated.

The problem is not the lack of real estate of this type in the market, but the difficulty in identifying these business opportunities and the necessary approach to negotiation.

In this post, we will guide you to find the perfect apartment, which satisfies all your demands, including financial ones. So, stay with us and have a good reading!

Set your budget

Even if it is cheap, a property is a great investment value, and any purchase like this requires a very well done financial planning.

For example, imagine that at a certain point after purchase you have an unexpected health expense or any other need item. In that case, there would be a problem with paying for the property's installments.

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In a situation like this, you might have to take on another debt to guarantee payment and harm yourself financially. Because of this, planning is essential. In order to avoid this setback, establish a specific budget for the acquisition of your property , basing the amount on your family's financial conditions and your current and future expenses after the purchase.

That way, you will be able to know exactly the value you have to invest in your property, avoiding “taking a step higher than the leg” and finding yourself in a difficult situation. This information also allows you to filter the properties available on the market more efficiently.

Assess financing options

For the vast majority of the population, buying a property in cash is not an option. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a financial institution to try the financing.

At this point, it is necessary to be careful and take into account your financial planning carried out previously, after all, there are a number of other fees that end up entering the business.

Currently, there are several financing possibilities , and we have several financial institutions in the country that offer this model of credit to acquire a property.

However, it is worth remembering that it should be taken into account that the interest paid by the bank can greatly increase the final value of the property, in addition to the term for payment of the debt, which can reach 30 years.

Because of this, it is necessary to search for all the options available in the market, analyze the conditions offered by each bank and the interest rates applied and take stock of the benefits of choosing A or B.


Impulse decisions are a trap that we are all subject to, so you need to be very patient when looking for the perfect apartment for your budget.

If you are very anxious in your search, be careful not to end up opting for the first option that appears and lose a good deal in the near future.

The real estate market is always receiving new options, and the perfect property for you can appear at any time. In that sense, having patience is essential. Choosing the first alternative that seems advantageous can prove disastrous after a short time.

Finding a cheap property according to what you want is the result of two factors: time and research. Ideally, you should make a list of your preferences and what is essential and what is a plus and concentrate your searches according to that list.

A great way to look for the most interesting options on the market is to bet on real estate ad platforms. These portals usually include properties for sale by several real estate agents and also by private individuals.

In addition to allowing the search with a series of filters, such as price range, number of rooms, location , among others, the platforms concentrate a large number of options, which increases the chances of finding the apartment that fits in your pocket.

Check the condition of the property

Analyzing the conditions of conservation and documentation of the property before making the purchase is essential. A common mistake is to ignore these issues that, in the future, may complicate your budget.

For the business to be interesting, it is not enough that the property has a low value, it also needs to be up to date with tax obligations and in good condition.

Legal reforms and pending issues may prove to be a problem for your future budget, as they are considered unexpected expenses and may not be part of your planning.

Save for entry

As stated, finding the perfect property takes some time and patience is required. However, during the search, nothing prevents you from already starting to accumulate a good entry value.

In the case of financing, this initial bid can decrease the time required for the total payment of the debt or even minimize the total value of the monthly installments, contributing to your budget and allowing you to search for an apartment with a slightly higher price. high.

You can find several ways to save, and avoiding rent for the duration of the search is one of the best ways. This is because, generally, the amount charged is practically the same as a portion, with the inconvenience of having no return on the investment made.

Other ways of saving money, such as reducing expenditures and seeking additional income, are also valid. The idea is to do everything to increase your purchasing power.

Value the help of a professional

Even with the tips we have gathered, finding an apartment that fits in your pocket is not an easy task, and two professionals can help you accomplish this mission.

The financial planner can assist in developing a budget that matches your current income and organize your expenses. A real estate agent is specialized in finding properties according to your specifications and can assist with bureaucratic and documentation issues.

We hope that the tips we have gathered throughout this post can really help you plan and find a cheap apartment that meets your preferences.


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