Farid Forklift and Car Repair Melbourne

Whether your car or forklift needs a repair service or a scheduled maintenance service, Farid Forklift and Car Repair is there to help. The company offers car mechanic melbourne and forklift repairs Melbourne services that anyone can trust. Their team of expert technicians can work on forklifts and cars of every model, make, and age to keep them working smoothly. They are well equipped, licensed, and trained to diagnose every kind of electrical and mechanical faults, after which they can replace or repair the needed parts. 


Farid Forklift and Car Repair prides itself on our honest and friendly services, meticulous attention to details, unwavering dedication, and top-class workmanship. Our car and forklift repair melbourne mechanics are highly motivated to get the best they can offer and strive to become better always. 


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