Narrative Essay - A Complete Writing Guide with Examples


Everyone likes to share their stories interestingly. People love to listen to those who can do so well. While on the other side, some people don't like narrative stories orally much. They prefer writing them. The tough but best part is that readers can't see the writer's facial expression, body language, humorous or witty looks. Step by step action plan you could use on how to write a perfect essay?

Concerning this, if a writer gets successful in producing the best-selling and readable content. Then what a victory indeed!

We are going to open up some instrumental techniques for a perfect short essay. We don't hide tricks from our readers. Instead, we love to do so. So, let's start digging in about the format of narrative writing with real-life examples.

What is a narrative essay?

We call it a sharing of personal experience in a well-written creative form with; 

  1. Specific bunch of people,
  2. Professors, instructors or supervisors, 
  3. Anonymous readers.

No one is out of this category, as students tend to write essays during courses. In addition, they are directed to write in a narrative way to enhance their effective writing skills, which significantly impact their grades, etc. 

In other cases, people become authors, fictional writers, novelists, event organizers, or hosts. So, they must have known the direction to handle projects efficiently. What do people like to hear the most? What is the majority of individuals like to read in narration? 

What we are concluding is that people must be well aware of crafting their tales and experiences. 

Eager to see narrative essay examples?

  • Suppose you are coming back to college after a long vacation, and the professor asks you to conclude all your happy and bad moments of holidays on paper. 
  • What if you get a chance to write in a university journal about your life-changing event?
  • Motivational narrative essays play a huge role in the life of others. 
  • We believe it's a life where all of us have faced much. Our lessons, happy moments, life turning points, success stories can be different from others. We insist you generate a narration of mind-blowing experiences to be an ideal essayist.

Writing guide for a narrative essay:

  • An important thing you should be following no matter how excited you are for your essay topic. Always go for the targeted audience, not what you want to share. Yes, you can follow your way but with a blend of both the targeted audience's mindset and your emotions. 
  • We suggest you start with a mysterious question, rhetorical situation and keep going with a spice of witty and humorous statements.
  • Each essay writer has a specific theme and plot of the story so do you. Now, the need of the hour is to narrate purposes and reasons for readers. They will for sure find the importance of your elaborated goal of the essay.
  • Be a director of your story and introduce characters with a proper set. Explain where the event happened or which places you have visited with respect to this personal experience. Let them know each character you meet, talk, discuss, or be part of the conflict. 
  • Suppose you are thinking of writing about only the main character, then it will take the spark of an essay. You can focus on the main characters more, but do add all the individuals without missing an entry of a few seconds too. It gives a natural effect, and readers start figuring out the next part. Readers can relate details with their lives and feel your story as their own. So do it for the sake of perfect essay writing

If you are looking for what is the standard structure to write my essay? Then the solution is to;

  1. Select a fascinating topic or title,
  2. Begin with an introduction including a foremost statement, 
  3. Coming to body paragraphs where each paragraph handles one idea at one time,
  4. Series of logical and lesson-based things in a chronological manner,
  5. Finally, the conclusion.

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