Entando is an open source software company providing an application composition platform for building enterprise web applications on Kubernetes.

Entando was founded in 2015 in response to a growing demand to accelerate application development and improve corporate competitiveness. Focused on helping companies fully modularize their applications, and to align frontend and backend code updates, Entando helps simplify application lifecycle management by automating and accelerating responsiveness to security vulnerabilities, bug fix demands, and requests for enhancements.

In 2015, Entando was named in the “Cool Vendors in Web Computing” Gartner report. In 2017, it became an official Red Hat Technology Partner, and Entando’s platform won the Digital360 Awards prize in the cloud computing category in 2018.

Entando’s platform is open source with available enterprise support, professional service packages, training, and consulting services. Entando customers are supported by an ecosystem of partners who bring industry expertise and local delivery capabilities to address customers’ most common needs.