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Does An ESA Dog Need A Vest? - 2022 Guide

In the current era, the hectic routine and busy routine has deeply affected the mental health of people. Due to which many people are suffering from numerous mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, stress, and many others. To overcome these issues a person needs some extra care and attention. Animals who can emotionally support such people are the best way to reduce depression, stress, and other mental issues. The patient can also request for a specific esa pet. Once approved the person then gets an ESA letter which includes all the necessary and basic information of the esa pet.

These esa pets are mainly domestic animals, however, they are different wild animals that people keep as an esa. This is because there are some people who prefer keeping wild animals. They find wild animals emotionally and also strong. Although these people are not commonly noticed they are few people who prefer keeping wild animals as ESA. 

To keep an esa in house one has to get a formal approval by the landlord. To have a proof of this agreement an ESA letter for housing is generated. Since the landlord and other senior citizens do permit wild animals at home, it is easy to keep them in the house. However, people who have their own homes can easily keep them in their houses. Although it is strange to have a wild animal as a pet there are few wild animals that are widely kept as esa’s. 

According to an analysis they are 8 famous wild animals that are kept as ESA. These 8 animals are trained to provide emotional support to people suffering from depression. The majority of these wild animals are trained on demand because it is risky to train such animals. 

Following are 8 famous wild animals which are kept as esa. 


Keeping cheetahs as esa was difficult to start at first but people who have kept them as esa have acquired benefits. There are many people who have overcome different mental issues by keeping them as esa. Cheetahs are good companions and are confident animals. They are playful and mature animals that assist in getting over mental issues. Cheetahs are given training with the dogs because they have the ability to easily memorize and learn habits. So thus they can also easily learn and mimic the actions of dogs. 


Snakes are also commonly noticed and kept as esa pets. However, snakes are not trained unless people do not demand it. Since a personal pet can also be trained as an ESA, people who already have snakes as pets prefer getting them trained as esa letter online.  They are smart and assist people who have a certain disability. 


Bears are also widely kept as ESA. This is because they are fluffy and playful animals. Trained bears do not harm people and thus assist in overcoming depression. Moreover, bears are also the choice of few people especially those who love keeping wild animals as pets. Baby bears are more commonly observed as esa and thus have also provided emotional support to numerous people. 



The ratio of keeping leopards as ESA is less than other wild animals but they are still preferred by many wild animals lovers. This is because there are few depressed people who find it emotionally supportive. This is because leopards are strong and mature animals. They are intelligent and also fast due to which numerous people prefer keeping them as ESA. 

Wild Parrots 

Wild parrots are larger than small parrots. They are less preferred as esa compared to small domestic parrots. However, their capabilities are similar to small parrots but due to their size, they are less preferred. Whereas in the class of wild animals they are famous and commonly preferred as wild animals. Wild parrots when trained can provide strong emotional support and due to their size can also physically assist a person. 


Tarantula is also commonly noticed by wild animals as ESA. They are less hairy than mammalians but due to their furry nature, they are commonly preferred as ESA. Their smooth bodies can give comfort to depressed people. They are easy to train and can also survive at a low cost. 


The trend of keeping alligators as esa was started by a 65-year-old man who got his alligator trained as an emotional support dog letter and then kept it as a pet. Therefore, according to him, keeping alligators as ESA was a good idea and after that the majority of people started keeping alligators as pets.



Iguanas belonging from the family of lizards are also preferred as ESA. They are intelligent animals and are also friendly. They can easily maintain a good bond with human beings due to which they are preferred as ESA. Iguanas also have a good memory due to which they also assist people in their daily activities. 

All these 8 wild animals are commonly kept as ESA. Although their demand is a little less than emotional support animal letter, cat, and other domestic animals but is still commonly noticed. Wild animals are intelligent and also strong. They can provide emotional support to their owners when trained. 

Trained ESA's are capable enough to support their owners. These service animals are trained to assist people to overcome different mental issues. They are given different practices and training to perform their duties. Similarly, wild animals are also kept as esa as after getting trained they also provide emotional support to people who keep them as a pet. 

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