Chhavi Garg

People like to lead life in a tension free and luxurious way. We never like our moments to be tedious anyway. But it is not possible to have as everything smoothly, but people can definitely lighten their moods in the companionship of bold and beautiful escorts of our agency. Offering the most sexy and glamorous looking escorts to our elite clients is the only motto of our luxury Delhi escort agency.

In the whole city along with the country, there are so many branches of our agency which are equally great in dealing with the huge clientele which is only expanding day by day because of our uber cool girls and their high end professional services. We are very much concern about the developed taste and choices of our clients that’s why we make sure that the collection of girls also get arranged in such a way so that the clients can get the girls every time who are suitable to their choice and requirements.

Our agency never deals with the mere call girls who get hired for only sexual purposes, but we arrange our talent team following a set of rules so that the girls we recruit can be hired as eye candies or arm candies to the VIP clients as well. In the whole recruitment process, we follow some basic and innovative methods to judge the girls and appoint them as escorts at our professional agency. We never appoint those girls who we don’t find proud or professional towards their profession, because we believe, escorts who don’t respect their profession cannot respect the clients as well and the clients are the most important people to our agency and our business. 

Escort Qualities that We Judge while Recruiting


Before recruiting the girls, our management constructively decides what to offer the clients on the basis of the current requirements that we get from them in recent times. Once we are done finalizing the trending needs of the clients, we start pointing out the features which we intend to get in the girls. Girls, who come with the most matching features proposed by us, get selected following a certain procedure.

·         Basically and most importantly, we long to recruit the young girls. Girls of young age get mostly asked by clients of all age as they find them fresh, jovial and fun loving. The new girls create quite a buzz among the clientele as they offer everything new in terms of their physical appearance and talents that are required in bed.

·         Teenage girls and girls who are in their early twenties are the most desired by men. But we recruit only them who have noticeably pretty faces as it is the face and smile that makes the clients welcome at the very first moment of the service.

·         There are so many Gurgaon escorts of other agencies and who work independently that try surgical enhancements to make their typical female body parts larger than usual. But we believe that naturally large physical assets are more appealing. Thus, the girls who have naturally large physical assets get recruited by us right away.

·         We make the recruited girls go through a strong medical checkup before getting them allotted for clients because we believe that safety of both our Chanakyapuri escorts and clients are very important. We make sure the girls are fit for the profession and they lead hygienic lifestyle. Because safe sex is always the first criteria to achieve full satisfaction. 

·         As most of our clients are the sophisticated men of higher class, we try to make them coupled with those girls who are in a word classy. Because of this reason, while recruiting the girls we find those ladies most poignant who are intelligent apart from being glamorous and attractive. Because, girls’ duty not only ends in bed only. At the end of the day, clients like to feel comfortable and tension free with their female companions, and they feel both when the girls can communicate well with them regarding different topics maintaining a positive attitude and a polite behavior.

Last but not the least, we check how much aware the girls are about their upcoming profession.  Personally we talk to the girls to know whether they are comfortable in enjoying sex with strangers because our experience says that mutual involvement in the course of sex make the clients feel both satisfied and happy. We also check whether the girls have knowledge of different physical activities which are needed to make the clients aroused to the fullest in bed. Girls with the knowledge of innovative sexual postures are most welcome to our agency. If they have knowledge of sensual massages, then it works as cherry on the top.