• Berlin, Germany (But hiring remotely)
  • n8n.io

Here at n8n, we turn the internet into a big pile of building blocks so you can build stuff quickly and without coding.

More specifically: n8n is a low-code workflow automation tool that allows you to connect different services together with custom logic (think syncing your CRM with an internal database, or allowing companies to easily build Slack bots for their products). In a world where everything is moving to the cloud, we're aiming to be the glue of the internet.

We launched 1.5 years ago to a ton of interest, and things have accelerated since then:

  • With 34m Docker pulls, loads of people are using our product already. There is a huge demand for what we're doing
  • With 17.9k stars, we are in the top 1000 of the 28m projects on Github
  • We have a community of 23k people who love our product

VCs are really excited about this: we were Sequoia's first seed investment in Europe, and have just raised another $12m. We're using that money to grow awareness and usage even faster, and accelerate monetisation.