Defense of the WRC - speech on the report, presentation, speech and appearance

FQP defense is the main and final stage of certification. This is a student's speech in front of members of the state examination committee with a written speech, which is based on the written diploma project. This is no less difficult task with help of write my papers service than the creation of the diploma itself, since attention must be paid not only to writing a speech and drawing up a presentation, but also to know the basic rules of speech, thanks to which you can get the highest score.

How is the protection of the WRC

The day of defense of the final qualifying work is set for 2-3 weeks. The defense is accepted by the state examination committee, which includes a chairman with a doctorate degree, a secretary and members of the SEC. If the university is industrial, then the members of the commission can be specialists from specialized enterprises.

Many students are interested in how the defense goes. Lets answer to this question with help of service.The procedure is as follows:

  1. The chairman of the commission announces the name of the student, the title of his thesis, full name, position and academic degree of the project manager.
  2. The student speaks to the commission, after which he answers questions and comments.
  3. Review and feedback are announced.
  4. Final word.
  5. Announcement of the final assessment of the GEC.

In order to obtain admission to protection, a student must:

  1. Complete the curriculum in the chosen specialty.
  2. Write a thesis project on time.
  3. In advance, get a positive feedback from the teacher, who is the scientific advisor.
  4. To hand over the finished thesis to the dean's office. It must be signed by the student himself, the supervisor, and also have his review and feedback.

The electronic version of the work at the department is checked for plagiarism. If the percentage of uniqueness does not meet the stated requirements, the student is not allowed to defend. In different universities, the requirements for originality may differ (mostly from 80%).

For the defense itself to be successful, it is not enough just to write a thesis project and a report to it. The best thing will be to order work at the site. The final score is influenced by:

  • review;
  • teacher feedback;
  • Handout;
  • presentation;
  • protective speech.

Advantages of the WRC

In the merits of scientific research, the reviewer assesses the student's competence in the chosen topic. He also focuses on the practical significance of the research results. The positive aspects of the FQP include its correct design and scientific novelty.

Disadvantages of WRC

Here the supervisor points out the negative aspects of the thesis project, paying attention to typos and inaccuracies. If the references to the literature sources used are not given correctly or the student made mistakes in writing the diploma, then he notes these points in the review.

In the absence of gross violations, minor flaws are indicated. But it is not worth focusing too much on the shortcomings, since the state examination committee can reduce the final score for the student's FQP. After the design of the work and the correct use of scientific terms have been assessed, the supervisor summarizes.

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