Factors influencing mental health

Soul, mind, and psyche ... three terms that have one thing in common! They describe the complex system of our thinking and our perception. If we compare the term health here, the World Health Organization (WHO) gives us a nice definition: "Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and therefore far more the mere absence of illness and ailments". The factors influencing mental health are therefore extremely important for our quality of life.

It has become a trend to speak of mental health. And that's right. Because this term is as positive as our emotional world should be. The treatment ultimately also aims to achieve a positive, new attitude towards life. Mental health influencing factors are always the basis of treatment. It can only lead to success if we start here. There are many factors to consider. Including the general quality of life and general well-being. It also includes self-confidence and social conditions. The good thing: most areas can be influenced!

Mental health - the basis for a great attitude to life

Enjoying the best of mental health means being able to enjoy the beautiful moments in life. Our perception is responsible for this. This decides whether we can allow positive feelings. Only when this is possible do we learn what true well-being feels like. It is nothing more than the feeling of pure freedom and serenity. It is also a feeling of irrepressible power. Suddenly this allows us to meet all the demands of everyday life almost easily.

Great mental health gives us real well-being. Although this is always only subjective, four dimensions can be objectively differentiated:

  1. Well-being due to no subjective stress. ("I can't complain at the moment.")
  2. Strong, short-term well-being for the moment. ("How nice is that ?!")
  3. Constant well-being through general satisfaction. ("I like my life as it is.")
  4. As well as great feelings of happiness with the highest level of well-being. ("I love my life!")

Mental health influencing factors in detail

Every day our mental health is naturally affected. Both negative and positive. As different as we humans are, the degree of influence is just as an individual. Sensitive people generally react more emotionally. Less sensitive contemporaries have a great advantage. In the truest sense of the word, you worry less about your head. However, many of us are also exposed to less natural influences. For example through alcohol, drugs, Cannabis strains such as Moonrock weed Strains, Blue dream Weed, or medication. It goes without saying that this can seriously impair mental health. The normal factors influencing mental health are extremely diverse.

These include self-confidence, allowing feelings, freedom, and security. But also conflict management, social skills, and an awareness of reality. In addition, good working conditions, love and being loved, and the perception of needs. In addition, a sense of responsibility and confidence in the future.

The range of influencing factors is therefore large. However, the opportunities to make a difference are just as great. For mental health that enriches life. For a life that is finally beautiful again.

Bad Aibling - Specialty: Mental Health

The pretty spa town of Bad Aibling has great expertise in mental health. Numerous treatments and therapies are offered here. And all at the highest level. In addition, Bad Aibling is proud to be able to call itself "Bavaria's oldest mud bath". In fact, the natural moor has the most powerful healing properties. Not only for physical but also for mental ailments. That's why we've developed programs that benefit both.

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Our approach is holistic. For this reason, our programs contain individual elements that together represent a unique benefit for the body and mind. In addition to relaxing moor applications, this also includes mindfulness therapies. As well as a pleasant stress management seminar. Back training improves general fitness. In general, sport and exercise are important parts. As well as soothing massages and progressive muscle relaxation. Tai Chi and Qigong round off the program perfectly. Then you will be fully back in life. Do you want to know more? Give us a call. For your well-being and your health.

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