About Us

When we began our operations in Auckland in 1998, our purpose was to combine our dedication to customer service and link with dependable craftsmanship. Two decades, and countless approving customers later, we have built a company that has set a benchmark for roofing services in New Zealand.

We are a family of roofers who take pride in providing faultless, timely, and immaculate workmanship. We work with proven high quality materials and ensure the safety of our workers and others present on-site throughout the project.

Our main areas of expertise include new roof installations and full roof replacements. We have a wealth of knowledge built up over the years and any quotes or advice we give you is free of cost.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of services, including new house roof installations, re-roofing, and metal roof replacements. We specialise in providing residential roofing services and metal re-roof replacements, but also provide light commercial roofing for small units and factories.

All our clients can choose from a selection of roofing profiles with a wide range of colours available to suit, enabling them to create both modern and traditional looks and designs.


We are LBP licensed building practitioners and members of the New Zealand Roofing Association. We provide manufacturers’ warranty to customers on request.