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If you need immigration or family law assistance, you should contact us at D R Legal. Our legal practice focuses entirely on these two highly specialised fields of law, ensuring we can provide you with the best possible advice, assistance, representation, and advocacy.

Whether your situation is complex or is a more straightforward area of family or immigration law, you’ll get an excellent standard of service when you come to us. Plus, our team is understanding and respectful, whatever your circumstances. Contact us today on 09 259 4561 to arrange a consultation.

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Dilki Rajapakse is a Barrister who has been practicing in New Zealand for over 15 years. Dilki is a highly regarded and respected lawyer in the fields of family and immigration law.
Brenda Nortje is D R Legal’s Office Practice Manager. Brenda has extensive experience working in legal practices both in South Africa and New Zealand.

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