How does a virtual exchange work?


Online telephony became popular at the same time as paper writing services. The telephone sector is in the midst of digitalization. Thus, the virtual PBX supports the digitization of companies by replacing PBXs. This type of private telephone network is becoming obsolete in favor of VOIP. Specifically, this is a dematerialized standard. All calls go through an Internet connection. The calls, digitized, are handled by a codec that restores them to high quality. The hosted PBX is managed by software and is very easy to use.


The advantages are numerous, and the various functionalities offered by this tool directly improve the efficiency of companies.


Installing a virtual PBX in the blink of an eye

In the past, installing a switchboard was an expensive piece of equipment that required complex installation and regular maintenance. You had to be trained to use it effectively. But today's cloud-based switchboard requires little investment. It simply takes the form of software installed on a computer. It works without complex technical knowledge in a very intuitive way.


Managed from the software interface, the virtual PBX requires no maintenance or intervention of technicians. Moreover, it is easy to learn and can be set up in a few seconds.


Call management is facilitated by cloud telephony

The VoIP PBX has the classic features of a PBX: call forwarding, call forwarding, call recording, waiting for line, etc. But that's not all. Advanced features of the dematerialized PBX, such as successive call scheduling or one-click calling, promote productivity. In addition, the efficiency of the software means that fewer incoming calls are missed. It allows them to be automatically assigned to the most qualified employee according to the customer's request, in particular through an interactive voice server. This feature provides a better customer experience.


Automating cascading outbound calls and integrating new phone numbers directly into a CRM is a real-time saver as call quality remains optimal with the automatic choice of the best network by the software. IP telephony is today the most reliable in relation to network stability.


PBX in the cloud, an economical solution

The virtual business-standard saves money. In fact, it no longer pays for unused extensions and no longer generates additional costs for international calls or special numbers. No maintenance costs are incurred. Your VoIP telephony provider does this. Once the software is installed on the workstations and the application on the mobiles, each user can access it without technical support. However, should a problem arise, a help center managed by a support team can be accessed.


A flexible telephone solution

As the software can be installed on any connected device, employees can access it via remote work or on the move, even from their cell phones. An app is available on IOS and Android. This flexibility corresponds to the evolution of our society, where remote work is becoming more and more important. In addition, the continuity of work is guaranteed. For the internationalization of companies, ensuring their presence anywhere in the world is as simple as adding a number corresponding to the geographical area concerned. This is how the digital PBX supports business growth.


The IP PBX at the heart of a productivity system

Another interesting feature of the virtual PBX is its integration into the company's business tools in just a few minutes. The cloud standard strengthens team cohesion when connected to CRM and communication applications or collaborative work. Synchronizing all your activity around it is possible. Call entry tasks are performed automatically, which avoids wasted time. Adding labels to calls or practicing call routing by skill also increases productivity and improves customer and user experience. A dashboard contains statistical data to measure performance and make the best decisions after analysis.

The virtual PBX is therefore essential for the digitization of companies. Although the switched telephone network will disappear in 2023, IP telephony represents the technology of the future. Going to PBX in the cloud is to benefit from an innovative approach and additional features. Connected to your digital tools, telephony software automates certain tasks and increases team productivity. Business telephony is becoming an innovative tool guaranteeing quality calls and performance monitoring.

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