We started iomete because as in-house data engineers we observed a recurring problem: Building data infrastructure is complex and requires significant engineering effort.

There are many vendor solutions available that address a part of the data infrastructure (e.g. Lakehouse, Data Governance, ETL, BI etc), yet engineering teams are required to integrate these multi-vendor solutions in order to create a complete and effective data infrastructure. This is time consuming and costly.

iomete is the first complete data infrastructure delivered as a single platform. It’s an all-in-one solution that replaces Snowflake (Lakehouse), Databricks (Jobs and ETL), Fivetran (onboarding 3rd party data), Informatica (Data Governance), and Looker/Tableau (BI) with a single platform.

We provide a fully-managed experience. Customers always have access to the latest data infrastructure and don’t have to worry about updates or maintenance. Each customer has access to a dedicated solution engineer that’s only one slack message away.

Our platform is scalable and built to support all growth phases. It is used by customers ranging from a Series A fintech startup to a multi-billion oil corporation.

Using iomete can reduce data infrastructure spend by a factor 2-5x, because customers are technically sharing the burden of building and maintaining data infrastructure.