WOWESSAYS and their 6 time-management techniques to help cope with the most difficult tasks

Sometimes self-management and the ability to allocate time wisely are not enough to solve problems quickly. Surely you have heard about time management and probably tried to apply it in practice. But if it still did not bring you results, then do not give up before time. Here are Max Rasmussen and Wowessays, essay writers online company, and we've gathered 5 working time-management techniques, one of which is sure to help you optimize your work and achieve your desired goal.

1 big, 3 medium, 5 small tasks

Every day you have only 8 working hours to complete a number of tasks. Sometimes there's a rush, a pile-up of work. To unclog a task wagon, set a 1-3-5 rule. Do one large task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks in a day. That way you can do nine tasks a day and not be exhausted for the week.

90 minutes of work, 30 minutes of rest.

If you have less than 9 tasks a day and you need, for example, to accomplish one large task for a week, then try to apply the following method. Work hard for 1.5 hours, then rest for 30 minutes. And so work all day. According to studies, a person can concentrate as much as possible on the task and work productively for 90 minutes.


This is a Japanese method that is great for tracking task dynamics. To do this, you need to draw a table with three columns on a blackboard or large sheet of paper. The first column is a complete list of tasks, the second column is tasks in progress, and the third column is tasks done. This way you will put things in order and visually see the total amount of work.


And if you are a creative person and making tables is not for you, then try to use this method in your work. Simply write down all the tasks and cases in a notebook without prioritizing. Then perform the urgent tasks from that list, then proceed to the rest one by one. If you don't have time to complete the task, move it to the very end of the list and come back to it the next day.


Usually all techniques are built on identifying tasks and counting the time to complete them. But surprisingly, most of the time is spent browsing your social media feed, watching YouTube videos, getting coffee, and calling friends. If you're thinking seriously about your productivity, do this experiment. Write down every day for two weeks how much time you spend relaxing and doing small things. We guarantee that you'll be surprised.


Sometimes a to-do list cannot tell you how much time you have to do things. That's why it's best to use a calendar with time slots, which will clearly reflect your workload for the day.

This was only a part of effective time management techniques. 

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