Metro NZ Property Management

Metro NZ Property Management

We are Property Management Specialists

What sets us apart is our “team” approach to our property management services that creates an infectious positivity amongst our staff members. We like to think that this same energy also rubs off on our clients.

That means when you work with us, you are working with Auckland’s most positive property management team. All of us are property investors in New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton and Whangarei) and throughout Europe. We work well with each other and we’d like to work with you. Our core team is located in the city centre of Auckland.

  • Competitive property management rates

    While our rental properties are a cut above the rest, our management rates definitely are not.

  • Tried and tested property management systems

    We place high emphasis on getting our systems just right, making it equally easy for landlords and tenants to deal with us.

  • Award-Winning systems and processes

    We were Westpac Auckland Business Award Finalists for strategy and planning. That shows how much we value running a top-class property management business.

  • A top quality property management service

    All of our staff have personal experience in managing their own properties since every one of our staff members is also a property investor. Therefore we full understand the challenges that are faced by our landlords. We work hard to take on those challenges for our landlords in order to make property ownership a positive experience.

  • Maximum returns for property owners

    We understand that our landlords want good returns on their properties. Our tenant selection is therefore critical to our success and theirs. We manage this process to achieve very low vacancy rates and therefore reduce risk to our landlords.

  • Property Care

    When rented properties require care, we will get directly involved with property maintenance and repairs. Recognising renovation opportunities allows to keep property values high, maximising returns to our landlords.

  • A wide selection of rental properties to choose from if you’re a tenant

    We have a wide selection of rental properties available, mostly in Auckland, but also in Hamilton and Whangarei and internationally.

  • Peace of Mind for property owners, landlords and tenants

    With many years of property management experience and our award-winning attitude, you’re in safe hands, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

What makes us unique

We understand that your property portfolio is a large investment. This is a good reason for us to treat our role in managing it with utmost care and professionalism. We offer a range of residential property management and rental services, and we work with all types of clients including those with a single, family-owned home that they rent out, up to investors with large portfolios of residential properties.

And if you are a tenant we understand that you are not renting a building – you are renting a home. We can help you find that home, and we can look after you for the duration of your tenancy agreement.

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