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Welcome to Eartha! 

Eartha is on a mission to bring calm in our chaotic world to peoples learning, shopping and wellbeing. We are building a library of content and sustainable products to help our community live more sustainably to protect our beautiful planet Earth. Starting with eco-friendly Yoga Mats.

Sustainability isn’t just a word - it’s a mindset. A commitment to a mind, body and eco-friendly living. There is calmness in making the right choices, and taking action. Being an Eartha is a way of life. 

Created in Christchurch, New Zealand, by our founder Lucy, who was seeking a place to find real updates on our climate and ecological crisis, searching for ways to help reduce her impact on the planet.

Eartha Brand

Our brand is build with sustainability at its heart, wellness in its mind, and spirit in its soul. That's why we've built our brand around those pillars. 

Eartha Sustainability 

Our planet is undergoing an ecological crisis right now. Every choice we make can help protect our Earth. It can be hard to go waste free overnight, or completely remove plastic from your life... but every swap, every decision, every second hand item is a little closer.  

Eartha Wellness

There's a 1 in 400 trillion chance of you being born as you, as you are now. That is worth celebrating. Be kind to yourself and make time for wellness. We’re here to help you quiet the mind and continue on your path to better wellbeing!

Eartha Spirit 

We are part of something bigger. Search for it in your soul. The universe is coursing through your veins. Seek your spiritual journey with Eartha, we promise to provide soulful content and products that will help you enjoy your time on Earth.

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