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Our spreadsheet has been around for over 14 years.

It all started with a Trial Flight — 2007

Excel Pilot Logbook® began as a fairly rudimentary spreadsheet with a single sheet for logbook entries – something simple enough to SUM hours while I was a student pilot working towards my Private Pilots Licence.

After I initially struggled to find a full-time flying job, I got settled into the industry and I decided to “treat” myself by buying a subscription-software app to log my hours.

This was expensive. And frustrating. Why? Because it never worked properly and it was costing me $$ every month on an already-limited GA salary.

I went back to my home-made spreadsheet.

Over the years, my requirements changed from simply tracking VFR single-engine flying to eventually monitoring my IFR currency and Flight/Duty hours.

In order to match these growing needs of professional flying, my spreadsheet grew in complexity.

This, coupled with my role (at the time) of managing a remote Charter operation, other spreadsheet tools – Aircraft Load Sheet & Maintenance Logbook – came to fruition .

I continued to delve deeper into developing macros, advanced functions, pivot tables and complex codes with the spreadsheet eventually evolving into the current Excel Pilot Logbook we have today.

What’s my motivation? I want to go up against other Logbook Apps in the market, as they charge so much with their subscription models and I think it’s pretty unfair. It simply doesn’t need to be that expensive – after all it’s just a logbook…

If you’re like me and share similar frustrations with other logbook solutions, then get on board with Excel Pilot Logbook.

Anyway, that’s my story. I’d love to hear yours. Get in touch on the Live Chat or send me an email.