At LightStep, our mission is to deliver confidence at scale for those who develop, operate, and rely upon today’s powerful software applications. We created LightStep because we understand the massive architectural transformation underway in the software industry, and we saw an opportunity to accelerate it, all while improving the quality of the developer and end-user experience. While we learned a great deal from our experiences building Dapper (Google’s distributed tracing solution) and Monarch (Google’s high-availability metrics solution), LightStep is in many ways a reaction to and a generational improvement beyond those approaches. Our story as individuals and as a company revolves around continuous learning, careful listening, and the belief that these fundamentally new software architectures require fundamentally new solutions.

LightStep San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan 23, 2019
At LightStep, we’re building a product that helps users understand their complex production systems in ways no other product can. As part of our San Francisco-based team, you’ll help drive documentation practices  as well as to make it easier to understand for a broader audience of users. You’ll play a key part in communicating with our users and open source community. The Technical Writer will report into Product and work primarily with Product Managers and the Customer Success team to document our product (the webapp, the Satellites, APIs, integrations, etc.). In addition to authoring and editing individual topics, the technical writer will be responsible for the documentation methodology: standard document format, organization (user learning flows through the documentation), and maintenance practices. You’d be a great fit if… You’ve done end-to-end documentation authoring from data gathering to final, published docs You have experience working with engineering to develop API reference documentation You have created documentation standards, methodology, updates/maintenance and process (ensuring consistency & completeness) Organizing and creating user learning flows through the documentation is second nature You take a proactive approach to documentation efforts You enjoy leveraging documentation analytics to identify areas that need attention in both the documentation and the products/features it supports You can  translate technical jargon into approachable, accessible language You have a familiarity with distributed systems / enterprise software to quickly ramp up on understanding the value and usage of LightStep [𝑥]PM in particular You can tweak HTML/CSS formatting in third-party tools like Readme & Zendesk   Bonus Points if… You demonstrate design sensibility: can make simple diagrams and illustrations and illustrations that are appealing and on-brand You posses a background in engineering: e.g. ability to author minimal code samples You have worked in product marketing: e.g. ability to write small feature announcements within our documentation