Neon, Inc.

Neon is a serverless implementation of PostgreSQL. It’s an auto-scaling, on-demand database as a service for modern applications, making it a credible open-source alternative to Amazon Aurora. Neon’s key innovation is separation of storage and compute which makes Postgres cloud native and serverless. We are about to launch our cutting-edge product.

Our Team

  • We are distributed team of 30 people working from North America, Europe, and the Middle East
  • Team with decades of experience building databases and deep knowledge of Postgres internals
  • We have experienced Postgres committers and hackers (Heikki, Peter, Anastasia, Arseny, Matthias) on the team. Looking to hire more
  • Techie co-founders: Heikki and Stas Postgres hackers themselves
  • CEO is an experienced entrepreneur and Partner at Khosla Ventures. He co-founded SingleStore (MemSQL) and scaled it from 0 to $40m in ARR. Holds Ph.D. in CS, several patents, and was a world medalist in ACM programming contests.
  • We aim for a diversity of thoughts and backgrounds
  • We are keen to be a fast-moving flat org and avoid hierarchical structures
  • We are distributed, yet make our bonds during offsites (the last one in Mexico)


  • We're on a mission to create a cloud-native database service for every developer
  • We are redefining market category: building 'Snowflake' for Postgres, next 'HashiCorp'
  • We create next big thing in the database world: a jamstack oriented company 


  • We are open source, a multi-cloud alternative to AWS Aurora
  • We are a database as a service company
  • You can explore our website: click this link for a limited preview


  • We are open source: check our repository on GH
  • We are building a solid community around our product: Jono Bacon is advising us
  • We create partnerships (Vercel, Netlify, Prisma, Hasura, etc.) instead of going against the ecosystem