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8 Tips to succeed in a job interview and avoid making a mistake

Standing out in a job interview is not always easy. You have to use your wits, creativity, and a bit of ingenuity to surprise the interviewers. However, sometimes nerves can play tricks on you, so it's important to prepare well for the interview and follow a series of tips to help you ace it.

1. Arrive on time
Punctuality is essential to avoid wasting the interviewer's time and to show that you are a serious person. Being punctual should be taken for granted. If you are not, chances are you will not be taken seriously.

2. Do your research beforehand
Find out as much information as you can about the company you are applying to, the job, and the interviewer you will be interviewing with. Pay particular attention to the company's history, mission, vision, values, and the services or products they offer. It is easier when applying for a position in a small essay writer startup, but gets bigger and time-consuming in a big enterprise.

3. Prepare a script
Study your CV and prepare a script explaining your career. You will surely be able to anticipate the typical questions you know you are going to be asked: Why do you want to work here? What do you think you can contribute? What can we contribute? These are the most frequently asked questions in job interviews.

4. Be an enthusiast
Show that you really want the job because you are passionate about the field and not because you need to make money. Passionate people always stand out from other candidates. Show that you really like and want the job.

5. Don't lie or exaggerate
If you exaggerate your career or lie, your lie will likely be caught at any moment, and if so, they will certainly not call you back because you will not generate confidence in them. Therefore, you must be sincere but highlight your qualities.

6. Show your strengths
Try to highlight your strengths and qualities in the job, focus on what is most relevant and how this can provide a solution to the company's needs and, in particular, the position you are applying for.

7. Make a list of doubts
Keeping a list of doubts about the job and the company you want to join is a way of showing interest and gaining points in your favor. Keep questions about holidays, the salary, and the contract to yourself, and wait for the interviewer to bring up the subject.

8. Smile and be polite
Don't be overconfident, be friendly but smile. Smiling is a way to generate trust and sympathy in the other person and, therefore, to be more likely to be hired.

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