Content Writer, Video Producer, Data Analyst, Developer Evangelist, and more… We are looking for someone as unique and creative as, well, YOU!

  • Microsoft
  • Redmond, WA, USA
  • Sep 01, 2020
Full-time Technical Writing Developer Relations Remote-Friendly

Job Description

The Content + Learning Video & Media Team is an exciting and tight-knit group of passionate video writers, video makers, and motion designers, working together to evolve the ways that Microsoft communicates with, teaches, engages, and empowers our global Developer community.

To help further that work and connection, we are looking for an experienced content and video script writer, with a strong background and talent for data analysis, video and/or social metrics, and data-driven insights. On the flip side, we are looking for an experienced video and social data analyst, with a strong background and talent for content and video script writing! A role as unique as yourself – an opportunity to fully engage and challenge all sides of your diverse experience and skillset. In short, we are looking for someone as unique, exciting, energetic, talented, and collaborative as… you.

On the C+L Video & Media Team, all styles of work are appreciated, encouraged, and welcomed. We share a strong commitment to a Remote-First mindset, a positive and motivating work-life balance, and the opportunity to network, share, and communicate with all levels of the company.