Director of Product Content

  • Mews
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Sep 16, 2020
Full-time Technical Writing

Job Description

In an industry dominated by server-based software, Mews is revolutionizing property management with our cloud-based solutions. We’re driven by our mission to enable truly great service and customer experiences, but we don’t limit ourselves to the hospitality industry because in an environment where ideas and innovation are celebrated, we know that the sky's the limit. 


The mission of the Product Content team at Mews is to create content that is engaging, accessible, complete and respects the company tone of voice while helping our customers to be successful. Help us shape our content strategy and join us in creating our product content. As industry innovators, we always face the challenge of introducing new concepts to our customers who have operated for decades under the habits of existing solutions for hospitality. It’s essential that we make the introduction to these new concepts understandable, clear, simple, concise and meaningful. 


The Director of Product Content is responsible for the strategy, scalability, and organization of our product documentation (including API docs), support content, in-product copy and management of our translation network. Your team’s role will be to become the gatekeepers of all new product content through all its stages, from design, to development to release and beyond. Building and nurturing a team of proud and passionate technical writers and their development will be the key to success in your role. You’ll be asked to collaborate heavily with other departments and teams, to build the overall product content strategy and the underlying roadmap, but also habits, procedures and processes to enable the success of your team at scale. 

Your Mission


You’ll be given ownership on the first day and we expect you to start with a plan for the first three months, as we’ll make you familiar with the details throughout the interview. Don’t expect to be micromanaged, you’ll be getting high-level objectives to hit.


  • Define the vision for our product content on the company level and execute on it. 
  • Cultivate, develop, fire and hire talent for your team so that your vision can be accomplished. 
  • Stay on top of what’s important. You need to have a healthy sense of urgency, being able to say what’s important and what can wait. There will always be multiple priorities coming your way. 
  • Work smart, but fast. At Mews, we implement changes very fast. 
  • Work closely with customer facing teams to ensure that the output of your team is useful, accessible, successful.  
  • Prioritize content and structure of the customer facing documents based on what are the company goals and what’s helping the customer to succeed. 
  • You’ll own the tools that are directly relevant to creation of product content and you’ll be responsible for their configuration. 
  • Edit, clarify and proofread documentation written by others. 
  • Train others on how to write a better documentation. 
  • Co-create and maintain world class workflows on collaboration of creation of product content. 
  • Be on top of watching the team velocity, quality, and accountability. 
  • Collaborate in planning of product content with product teams to enable easier product adoption and ensure a successful product launch. 



The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial-minded and thrives in a fast-paced and goal-driven environment. You have outstanding communication and collaboration skills and are able to work with a diverse group, get consensus, and drive the product documentation forward. You are execution-focused and emphasize getting things done while paying attention to important details. You have several years of experience leading product content teams at a SaaS company. You have a passion for building phenomenal product content and want to solve the problems of performance, security, and reliability of the Internet.    


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • 5+ years of technical writing experience 
  • 2+ years experience with team leadership and management 
  • Proven record with running a successful content team, executing a product content strategy 
  • Experience creating simple content that describes complex things 
  • Nurturing team of technical writers towards producing a better content, according to the product content strategy 
  • Ability to manage stakeholders 
  • Ability to measure success of your team 
  • Ability to measure performance of your team 
  • Experience working in a fast-paced agile company 
  • Ability to set your team for fast-growth and scale 
  • Strong technical skills – understanding modern cloud software, automation tools (like IFTT or Zapier), understanding of what API is 
  • Ability to describe things in both details and high-level 
  • Motivation to continuously improve