Lead Technical Writer

  • Decisiv
  • Remote
  • Nov 09, 2020
Full-time Technical Writing Remote-Friendly

Job Description

Decisiv is a rapidly-growing industry leader in the asset management and service supply chain software marketplace. Over the past couple of years, we’ve made a concerted effort to offer our users more robust documentation to help them better understand how to use our products. We do this through clear and concise UI copy, release announcements, help center articles, and in-app messages segmented to specific user roles and workflows.

 We’re looking for a Lead Technical Writer to help us continue that growth and build a successful Documentation team that drives the product voice in all aspects of our documentation. We’ll rely on you to not only successfully execute against existing objectives and strategy, but further develop our technical writing team, processes, and maturity. We believe good technical writing is integral to a positive user experience, and as the lead, you’ll be deeply embedded with UX, UX Research, and Product teams to influence experiences through your work and direction. You’ll have opportunities to manage other writers, and lead our product communication strategy in coordination with our UX Research, Marketing, Account Management, Outbound Product Management, and Inbound Product Management teams. This requires a high degree of expertise in your field as well as strong communication and leadership skills.

Our company size means you’ll have major opportunities to expand your skill-set and contribute in a big way to the future of our products and Customer Experiences. You’ll be able to jump into our documentation quickly, but also get creative and take ownership when a great idea to improve the documentation sparks you.


We’re agile, flexible, and autonomous, working remotely via Slack, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Google Drive, and Zoom. 

 Your career growth and development is at the top of our mind. We believe your success is our success. And while we will expect a lot from you, we also value your life outside of work. Recharging is important, and we strive to offer an environment that reflects that. Decisiv prides itself on our unofficial mantra, “We’ve got your back;” to us, this means teamwork, collaboration, and support for our colleagues, rolling up our sleeves to get things done, and celebrating our wins together. As our CEO is fond of citing, “You never win or lose alone.”

 The Lead Technical Writer will report directly to the Senior Director of Customer Experience & Applications.

Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with cross-departmental leadership to influence and contribute to overall Customer Experience strategy, leading portions that pertain to product-related content.
  • Evaluate user feedback and visitor data to determine ways to improve the documentation content and structure, and then implement those changes, exercising a large degree of autonomy and creativity in your solutions.
  • Further define and own our brand voice and content strategy, and technical writing processes, leading the company to higher levels of maturity.
  • Collaborate with UX Research, Outbound Product Management, Marketing, Adoption and Onboarding, Product Management, and Account Management teams to develop a thorough understanding of our users, partners, and prospects; leverage this information to refine our technical writing program and policies at a strategic and tactical level.
  • Define and foster best practices and usage of the Decisiv Writing Style across all departments; continue education efforts on this front.
  • Plan and direct the work of other technical writers on the team in support of corporate, product, and Customer Experience objectives, with emphasis on user-friendliness.
  • Support positive experiences through well-coordinated release content strategies, new product, and feature communication plans.
  • Help us develop policies and procedures for translating application copy and supporting content for multiple languages.
  • Coordinate release content with Release Managers and other teammates to ensure product rollouts are successful and well-received by all stakeholders.
  • Manage, write, and direct the application of in-app guides, tutorials, announcements, and resource centers to support various product and adoption efforts that further our corporate and product objectives.
  • Direct and write help articles, release announcements, and in-app guides for new features as they’re delivered through our sprint development life cycles.
  • Lead efforts to and write content for remote training and webinar events to support social distancing initiatives within the industry.
  • Organize and write customer communications on a monthly and quarterly basis to support positive customer experiences and engagement, particularly as Decisiv secures a dominant market position.
  • Listen in on team meetings and grooming sessions to determine documentation needs for end users.
  • Speak up with questions and feedback on both the UI copy and overall user experience to make products easier to use and result in less complex documentation.

Skills & Experience

  • Intrapreneurial, self-starter mentality, and the experience to put them to good use in a team environment.
  • Emphasis on team-building and collaboration.
  • Leadership and team-management interpersonal skills.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Passion and commitment to the quality of your writing.
  • A clear and concise personal writing style.
  • Ability to own and further refine our style guide and enforce its use across the organization.
  • Expert-level experience with in-app messaging, guide, and analytics tools, such as Pendo
  • Expert-level experience with content management systems, such as Zendesk and Storybook.
  • Experience with design system tools, such as Figma.
  • Experience with user behavior tools, such as FullStory.
  • Experience with considering and implementing content translation for global audiences.
  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bonus points the more comfortable you are since our documentation is all online.
  • Able to work independently and respond in a timely manner as part of a remote-friendly environment.
  • Full command of North American English and colloquialisms for writing.
  • Love of the Oxford comma.
  • 10+ years equivalent or related work experience;
    • Or a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing or related field and a minimum of 8 years of related experience;
    • Or an advanced degree with a minimum of 5 years related work experience;
    • Equivalent certification programs also accepted

Show Us What You Got

If there’s a project you’ve worked on, a presentation you’ve given, or a doc that you think really showcases your talents, we want to see it! Send it our way, and we’ll be sure to look it over.