Technical Documentation Manager

  • Layer
  • Remote (Europe)
  • Nov 09, 2020
Full-time Technical Writing

Job Description

You will be building and developing systems such as wiki, documentation, blog posts and learning portals which will be the storytellers for Layer. We are on a noble mission to solve our users’ complex problems. This requires an extensive documentation of our existing and upcoming features in every format (text, video etc.) possible. You will define the standard for excellence in documentation, ensuring that we deliver technically accurate, well-written, simple, and customer-focused content and examples. You will produce and maintain high-level documentation, including software and systems engineering documents, API developer guides, integration guides, system operations, user documentation.

Skills required for this value

  • Empathy: We should understand our users to develop programs and assets that meet their needs
  • Resourcefulness: diving into code to understand what's going on, creating a documentation culture within the company across the engineering organization, coming up with creative solutions to onerous tasks
  • Experience on wiki and documentations systems, API and integration guideline creations
  • Experience with Python
  • Data science/machine learning background & enthusiasm are a huge plus. Especially if you have worked with/documented platforms similar to Databricks, Apache Spark, Jupyter Notebook, Snowflake, etc.
  • Animation, illustration or experience with video shooting+editing is a plus
  • Experience conducting webinars is a plus