Documentation Manager

  • Timescale
  • Remote
  • Feb 19, 2021
Full-time Technical Writing Developer Relations Remote-Friendly

Job Description

Timescale is looking for an experienced Documentation Manager. At Timescale, we believe developer products thrive when they have exceptional documentation and that docs are core to the development process. We treat our docs as a first-class citizen. 

Our mission is to build the world’s next great database company, and great developer documentation is a key part of achieving that goal.

In this role, you’ll define the information architecture of our documentation website, partner with our Design team to refine the user experience down to the pixel, and create and implement a writing process that equips our Engineers and Developer Advocates to produce documentation that is informative, entertaining, and always accurate. You'll be an integral part of the product development process, writing documentation with every release and calling upon Developer Advocates to assist, where necessary.

Simply put, you’ll have complete ownership of our docs and the opportunity - and resources - to build something truly exceptional.

Oh, and Timescale is a developer-first company. Even our marketing folks write code. We love developers, and you’ll fit right in if you love developers, too.

This role is remote, but English language fluency is a requirement.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a complete analysis of the existing Timescale documentation site to identify docs that are the most-read and have the most impact on product engagement and usage. 
  • Define, gain approval for, and implement a cohesive documentation information architecture, solving for ease of discovery, ease of use, and future scale.
  • Work closely with our Branding and Design team to create the optimal design for our documentation site, based on your expertise and understanding of our users.
  • Partner with Product/Engineering to establish a process for building and maintaining documentation, both across the company and via community contribution.
  • Join forces with the Growth team to establish key metrics, ensuring we track docs performance as a leading indicator of company and community health and continuously look for ways to improve.
  • Build style guides and other processes that enable contributors to be self-sufficient, and create dashboards that give the entire company visibility into docs’ performance.
  • Shepherd the strategy and implementation of a localization plan.

Experience and Skills:

  • Proven expertise writing technical documentation, especially for developers.
  • Experience with SQL and databases.
  • Default to detailed, precise, action-oriented communication. 
  • A process hero who can turn complex, byzantine projects into simple checklists and tasks. 
  • A problem-solver whose default behavior is to seek solutions and fixes. 
  • Exceptional cross-organizational skills with the ability to gracefully navigate, listen, synthesize, influence, de-escalate, and re-route issues across the org chart. You’re independent, but comfortable asking for help from leadership. 
  • Highly motivated self-starter who relies on a strong sense of self and work ethic to produce quality and quantity. 
  • A deep understanding and appreciation for the constant and rapid shift in how and where people consume content and share their experiences. 
  • A passion for developers and nerd culture. 
  • A belief that organizations and industries are best when they are diverse and inclusive, and a commitment to ensuring that everything we do reflects that belief.
  • Works well independently and remotely.

About Timescale:

Time-series data is everywhere, and Timescale is helping developers and companies make sense of it.

Businesses worldwide trust TimescaleDB for mission-critical applications from industries as varied as manufacturing, finance, utilities, telecom, mining, ad tech, oil & gas, and the smart home. Applications built on TimescaleDB include complex monitoring systems, IoT, industrial machine data analysis, geospatial asset tracking, operational data warehousing, and financial risk management; via the edge, on-premise, and cloud deployments.

The team is entirely remote and is backed by top tier investors, including Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Icon Ventures, and Two Sigma Ventures.