Digital Transformation with the TAAP No Code Low Code Applications Platform

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  • May 28, 2021
Long-term Contract Technical Writing Programming Developer Relations Content Marketing

Job Description

TAAP Introduction

TAAP have developed a No Code Low Code Applications Platform which has been under development since 2004. It was initially created to power mobile applications running on any device, OS and form factor. However the technology evolved into an enterprise scale applications platform capable of delivering one or all digital processes for an organisation. 

The technology has been used to deliver solutions into almost every industry and vertical, from Heavy Industry, to Healthcare, Automotive, Finance, Charities and so on.

The platform allows apps to be created in hours, days and weeks rather than weeks, months and years. The technology allows business analysts to create apps, one client in the energy sector with just two business analysts created and deployed without IT support, or any other PM or governance, over 1000 applications into the energy sector across 88 countries, and subsequently in 10+ development languages.

The scope of the work is to join the TAAP team and help create educational material to help drive the adoption of the technology.

Scope of Works

The successful candidate will be trained on the technology and then be shown how to create apps of different complexities. How complex could this get ??

One of our team actually worked in our marketing department - she is now affectionately known as "The Forms Ninja!!". Angela had no formal programming or background, but just loved how the product could be used to create apps. We trained Anglea and she is now able to create mobile apps running on iOS, Android or Windows, that can do almost anything you imagine without any coding.

  • Vehicle Inspection Application
  • Finance Loan Application
  • Literally anything...

These apps can be created and deployed live in hours. This is the point of this technology and platform, to be able to digitise any workflow.

Architecturally we then have other technologies that can be used to connect the TAAP technology to all sorts of other systems

  • SQL Server
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Messaging API's
  • Maximo
  • Dynamics
  • Sales Force
  • Etc...

We want you to build up your understanding of the platform and the component technologies and create a "Dummies" guide to digital transformation from first principles.

  • Hello World
  • Photo Capture
  • Digital Signatures
  • Biometrics
  • Document Generation
  • App Types
  • Checklists
  • Validation Logic
  • Message Routing
  • Workflows
  • etc...

In addition to the technologies which is simple to pick up and learn we have some methodology and approach issues to consider.

Low Code No Code could create utter chaos within an enterprise organisation. We have engineered into the platform for distinct digital workflows to be deployed, updated, and evolved at different speeds, and by different domain experts within an organisation

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Health and Safety
  • Events and Marketing
  • Product Education
  • Etc...

From a business perspective our consultants typically arrive/showcase at the first client meeting a digital app that meets their requirement - the shock and awe technique transforms the sales process and delivery cycle. This same methodology and approach also works internally at large organisations. You don't have to spin up a costly project team to try new things out. Apps can be created, deployed and tested globally in just a few hours. This helps organisations embrace digital transformation.

The TAAP technology and its implementation into different clients is as much about changing the way organisations work, the culture, rather than worrying if the software will work. We help organisations embrace change and a key aspect of this work and activity is to educate about a new User Centred Domain Expert focused approach to developing and delivering software.

  • We digitised with 1.5 people a UK NHS Hospitals Patient Discharge Service in 4 weeks
  • We created a B2C solution for the UK's largest holiday park company's guest arrivals service with contactless sign in and integration into the national 37 park system. This was 2.5 people over 8 days.
  • We created an NHS Hospital Trust Vaccination Service for 3 major London Hospitals in under 10 days (not that we enjoyed it - crazy hours, but it was a life and death solution to help with Covid)

The TAAP technology is helping organisations of every size grow and evolve, embrace change, fail fast, evolve, adapt, go again... 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would have experience in programming, it will help with translating some of the concepts to non-programmers. They should ideally have some experience of software rollouts, deployment, enterprise life cycles, a good sense of humour and a passion for learning and sharing what it is that as TAAP we have created.

You'll also be able to help shape and tune the application, fine tuning any rough edges, or concepts that could help simplify the understanding of the product and suite of technologies we have created.


We are looking to create from the core repository of knowledge a number of different documents for output

  • Introductory Guides / Overview
  • End to End Book
  • How To COntent for the Website

Its a big project and we might take on a couple of people to help collapse the timescale and to help buddy share/learn and deliver against the objectives.

Interested ??

Thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Higgon