Tech Writer for the domain-specific language (DSL) documentation

  • Superface
  • Remote
  • Jul 16, 2021
Short-term Contract Technical Writing

Job Description

We are looking for an English native tech writer with experience in DSL documentation for an integration framework called Superface.

Superface has its own low-code language called Comlink, allowing directly connect any API by three lines of code.

Basic project specification:

Author “Introduction to Comlink” documentation based on the Comlink DSL formal specification The documentation aims to:

a) enable new users to author Comlink documents quickly to connect to APIs

b) empower Comlink authors to design more complex integrations with ComlinkThe documentation should contain: - Getting started with Comlink including how to use with Superface - Explanation of core terms and principles - Detailed documentation of Comlink, its syntax, and structure

Examples of docs we like:

We expect to have the first version of the documentation in one month (in August) with one more month of iteration. If we all agree, we can expand our cooperation into a long-term contract.

If you apply by email, I would like to see your previous work (ideally with DSL) and ask for a quick meeting with our founder and technical CTO Zdeněk "Z" Němec. He would provide you with further information.

Radek, CEO Superface,
Zdenek "Z", CTO Superface,